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COVID-19 information

The best way to combat the virus is through prevention

Our priority is the health and safety of older people and staff

That’s why all precautions are taken and all appropriate protocols are in place in the home.

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Xenex, the only UV-light disinfection technology that’s certified to eliminate COVID-19.

Destroying bacteria, fungi and viruses in a few minutes

The CleceVitam Vía Ronda care home features Xenex robot technology to boost the disinfection tasks performed by our cleaning staff, carrying out the various procedures and meeting all the standards in place relating to health and safety in the workplace.

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The LightStrike™ Xenex xenon disinfection robot is the first and only ultraviolet-light (UV-C) capable of destroying the current SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, in only two minutes and up to 99.99% effectiveness. This has been certified by the study conducted by the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, one of the leading independent research bodies, specialising in infectious diseases.

The Xenex disinfection system uses broad spectrum type-C ultraviolet light (UV-C) generated by a xenon gas lamp. The technology is capable of destroying pathogenic micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses in only a few minutes. Compared with other mercury-based disinfection devices, Xenex is 100% sustainable, with by-products that are inert and harmless to people and the environment alike..

Sterilised and contagion-free spaces

The Xenex system was already successfully in other health emergencies, such as MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) in 2012, and Ebola in 2014. The coronavirus crisis has once again put this technology to the test, and it has proven to eliminate 99.99% of COVID-19 in just two minutes at a one-metre distance.

Its use during the pandemic showed the importance of using specialised technology to ensure spaces are sterilised and kept free from the risk of contagion.

Cleaning and disinfection protocols

Since 2015, Clece has been progressively incorporating this Xenex disinfection technology into its cleaning and disinfection protocols in health centres. The company currently uses several robots in several leading health and community healthcare centres located throughout Spain.

Measures taken against COVID-19

Experience has shown us that the best way to combat the virus is through prevention.
Based on this philosophy, other protection measures have also been implemented, the most relevant of which are indicated below.


CleceVitam Vía Ronda fully complies with all measures and protocols in place. It has also developed specific protocols adapted to the particular features of the care home. Stable coexistence groups have been created and all activities are carried out in smaller groups.

Access control

Access control is a key element in helping to ensure the care home remains COVID-free. The process of scaling down and returning to normality is based on taking extra prevention measures, with protocols in place for visits and to manage access.


Staff and residents in the home are all regularly tested.


Training courses on safeguards and the use of PPE are provided for everyone working in the home to prevent contagion and reduce any possible fears. Online courses were created (with mobile access) during the pandemic and the lockdown on the provision of healthcare and social management relating to COVID-19. Courses were also given on the use of ozone generators, and simulations were carried out to deal with any possible outbreaks.


In light of the difficulties that arose in the first few weeks of the pandemic, the company has taken all necessary measures to guarantee the availability of PPE, which has included producing our own supply. Clece has purchased a machine to produce 60 thousand face masks a day, and is the leading company in Spain with capacity to supply its own face masks. The care home also has large stocks of PPE for several weeks’ supply.

By adopting these measures, CleceVitam is caring for and meeting the needs of the people who form part of the organisation and who use our services.

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