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Our values

In our care home, it’s the people who matter

Our values

Our intervention model is based on person-centred integrated care (PCIC). We promote active living through activities to strengthen skills and prevent physical and cognitive deterioration, rehabilitation and socialisation programmes, and with social, cultural and intergenerational activities, etc.

From day one, we’ll design an individualised care plan alongside you and your family based on your life habits, care needs and expectations to help you achieve your life projects by making this your new home.

Your background, tastes, preferences and values form the basis of the care we provide.


Our focus is on ensuring excellence in all aspects of the home, using appropriate technologies in the application of innovative therapies for improved care and quality of life.

Adapted care

We’re one big family made up of our residents, your loved ones and our team of professionals. CleceVitam Vía Ronda has been designed as a shared home with guaranteed professional care adapted to your particular needs.

Sense of community

We’re an open and integrated care home that forms part of the community, and the doors of our home will always be open so you can stay in touch with and connected to your family and friends.


We care deeply about your health, helping you to maintain your skills and emotional stability

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